The Connectedness Approach

Innovative, Solution-Focused Support for Those Directly or Indirectly Impacted Upon by Adolescent Behaviour

What is Connectedness?

Social connectedness refers to the strength of relationships that people have with others and the benefits these relationships bring to the individual and wider society.

Why is Connectedness Important?

Social connectedness is a fundamental building block.

The more socially connected a person is, the better their health & wellbeing and the more they contribute towards their communities, society and the performance of the economy.


Parent Support – for those facing difficulties with their teen or pre-teen and for those parents who want to put in place preventative measures.

Working Parent Performance Programmes – providing a corporate service for employees, managers and business executives.

CPD Professional Training & Consultancy – for those who work with adolescent aged children and would like to better manage behaviour and address the social & emotional issues that arise within their organisations.