for those who work with young people; aged 9-25yrs


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Hello & welcome to:

  • the first  CPD training providers focused in the area of Adolescent & Teen Psychology
  • a range of services for professionals that protects the emotional well-being, mental health and future outcomes of young people.
  • fun and fully interactive training programmes which raise awareness and provides support, tools & resources to manage the emotional well-being and modern-day teen risks that young people face in their daily lives.

Using our methods & psychological principles, we enable you to make a positive & sustainable social impact.

“The teen brain is a work in progress. We support this crucial stage in development”


– Understanding the Teen Brain & Using Psychological Principles to Manage & Challenge Teen Behaviour [CORE TRAINING]

– Using Psychology to Address Teen Risk; Build Resilience & Raise Self-Esteem

– Applying Psychological & Emotional Intelligence Techniques to Motivate Teens to Success

– The Truth About Boys – Addressing Poor Attainment in White Working Class & Afro-Caribbean Boys (from Sept 2018)

– Improving the Parent/School Relationship – Supporting Your Parents

“The professional development of your staff is directly linked to improved youth outcomes within your organisation.”


Throughout our range of courses, you and your team will:

– Increase your awareness of the many modern-day risks that young people are exposed to.

– Know how to best prevent risk-taking behaviour through the effective challenge of faulty perceptions

– Understand key concepts from the psychological approaches in order to enhance working practice both as an individual and as a team member

– Be able to apply psychological tools in best practice to positively impact on young people’s social, emotional & cognitive development

Did we mention fun?

Psychology is an amazing subject – you’ll have a fun day of learning on our training programmes!


You will gain the skills to support young people gain in areas that are key for their future success and happiness.

  • Prevention of Risk Taking Behaviour
  • Raised Self-Esteem Levels
  • Increased Resilience
  • Challenged Attitudes Towards Life  & Behaviour
  • Critical Thinking Abilities
  • Life & Academic Goal Setting Skills
  • Social & Emotional Awareness

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Psychology is the study of all human behaviour.

Through developing your psychological understanding you will be excited by your new ability to apply key approaches and see them in action. You will then be positioned and further supported to adapt psychological tools to create your own effective methods that will address the needs of the young people whom you work with.


Anika Vassell, has over 20yrs of experience working with children and young people who are in need of structured and tailored support. With an MSc in Forensic (Criminal) Psychology and her direct experience working with young offenders and children with challenging behavioural needs, Anika is well-placed to guide you and your team in what works best to encourage your clients towards their optimal paths to success.

Also deemed as an Ofsted ‘outstanding’ teacher, you can rest assured that key concepts will be taught clearly and effectively so that you can take the skills and implement them straight away.

Great presenter!

Content delivered confidently with a good mix of interactive sessions.

I highly recommend.

Robbie Ridler

NCS National Contract Manager, Learn By Design

Brilliant session!

Very accessible but also taught a lot. I love psychology and found it very interesting, but also changed how I think about some of the conflict situations that I have been in. This training will definitely change my practice.

If you attend this training it will give you a broader understanding of why teenagers act like they do and will help you feel more equipped to deal with them.

Fantastic session! Thank you.

Rhiane Groome

Youth Worker

Great training! Thank you! 🙂

It was great to have the opportunity to explore the different areas of teen psychology and relating it to the work that we do. I also loved the use of mixed media to break up the presentation – really emphasised certain areas.

This is great interesting training, well worth the time which will definitely help to develop your work with young people.

Emma Wightman

Senior Youth Worker


Learning about the teen brain and why teenagers may react in the way they do is vital in our role when working with young people. I would tell other professionals that it is well worth attending this training as you will begin to empathise more with the young people whom you work with as well as gaining key skills to manage them.

Thanks Anika!

Kevin Brown

Director, N.S. Alternative Provision